The shift is underway.  Out with the old and in with new.  That’s right, traditional framing techniques are still the preferred method for showing off images for most people, but an increasingly large number of people are turning to more unique, modern looking options for displaying their personal photos.

One such method is a canvas photo mount where the image is printed directly onto the canvas giving your photo an oil painting like quality.  It’s growing rapidly in popularity and many companies provide this kind of service at an affordable price, but it’s not highly unique and in my humble opinion, a bit on the tacky side. 

For those that truly want to think outside of the box (er, I mean frame), you might consider more modern photo mounting techniques such as mounting to aluminum, acrylic, gatorfoam and even bamboo or other wood products.  This kind of frameless mounting really makes your image the star with the modern substrate acting as an enhancement to the image.  At BumbleJax.com we offer photo mounting to all of the unique substrates mentioned above, but our acrylic/plexiglass face mounting is the most popular.  Your digital image is enlarged and mounted behind 1/8” acrylic which really makes the colors pop and gives it a gallery quality.

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